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Defamation Defense and Advising

JT Morris Law aims to provide a steady, guiding hand in defending and advising media professionals, writers and artists, consumer and public activists, employers, and others on matters concerning defamation, business disparagement, invasion of privacy, and similar matters.  JT Morris Law counsels clients on identifying potential risks before publication and assessing the best manner in which to publish content, minimize the risk of a lawsuit, and fully protect their freedom of expression.

The firm regularly works with clients who find themselves facing a retraction demand or cease-and-desist letter targeting their speech. JT Morris Law strives to respond to such threats assertively and deter litigation while fully protecting the client's expressive freedoms.

When a lawsuit is inevitable, JT Morris Law vigorously defends clients in and out of court against claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, business disparagement, and related issues. The firm leverages its comfort and experience with the complex legal and factual issues that often accompany defamation lawsuits in developing intelligent and aggressive litigation strategies. This includes utilizing anti-SLAPP statutes to seek early dismissal when appropriate.

Exemplary defamation and similar matters on which JT Morris Law serves clients include:

  • Representing defendants and third-parties in libel, slander, invasion of privacy, business disparagement, and related lawsuits in federal and state court;
  • Working with clients to file anti-SLAPP motions when available to seek early dismissal of lawsuits and recovery of attorneys' fees;
  • Providing pre-publication and pre-launch review for digital content creators, social media, and internet service and platform providers;
  • Helping clients respond to cease-and-desist and demand letters concerning defamation and similar claims; and
  • Counseling content hosts on best practices for managing user-provided content on forums, comment sections, and social media platforms.

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