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About JT Morris Law

What We Are.

We are focused.

JT Morris Law focuses on select areas of law that intersect and compliment each other. This allows us to represent and serve our clients with depth of insight and experience. And importantly, these are areas of law we enjoy and look forward to working with every day.

We are authentic.

Making sure a client is well-informed is a must. We provide honest assessments, always with the client's best interests in mind.

We are committed to pro bono and serving the public good.

Given our unique focus, the firm is committed to pro bono representation and cases that further the public interest, especially matters involving free speech, student rights, and technology and individual liberties. We dedicate a meaningful percentage of our time to serving clients who otherwise could not afford legal representation for a complex matter.

What We Do.

We go to bat for our clients' First Amendment freedoms.

JT Morris Law litigates in trial and appellate courts to help clients protect their rights to think, speak, and associate freely. We represent clients, viewpoints, and associations of all kinds in defense of free speech and other First Amendment rights.

We litigate and resolve intellectual property disputes.

JT Morris Law has years of experience helping clients favorably resolve copyright, trademark, and patent disputes, inside and outside of court. Our size and agility allows us to represent individuals, emerging companies, and small- and mid-size business in IP disputes effectively and efficiently.

We advise for the digital world.

Our comfort with emerging digital technologies, our eagerness to always learn more, and our knowledge of IP, free speech, and privacy issues helps us provide thoughtful counsel to clients with legal concerns about the internet and other digital environments.

How We Serve Our Clients.

We communicate clearly and often.

Clear, open, and frequent communication with our clients. That's what JT Morris Law strives for every single day. And for us, that means listening to clients as much as it means talking.

We prepare. We plan.

We analyze every case from a fresh perspective. We think hard about the most effective strategy for each client's goals. And then we put it into motion. Every step is made with a thoughtful purpose behind it.

We love a challenge.

Whether it's defending dissenting speech or fighting back against an intellectual property bully, we love taking the bull by the horns on tough cases.