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Speech Defense and Anti-SLAPP

Defending speech against defamation lawsuits and other legal threats.

JT Morris Law defends clients against defamation, invasion of privacy, and other speech-based lawsuits. This includes utilizing the Texas Citizens Participation Act to seek early dismissal and attorney's fees when appropriate. And we have significant experience defending clients against threats to their right to free speech on social media and elsewhere on the internet.

Our experience includes:

  • Defending clients sued because of their speech, including against claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, business disparagement, and tortious interference with contract.
  • Obtaining dismissal of speech-based lawsuits and awards of attorney's fees under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, the state's anti-SLAPP statute.
  • Representing clients in appeals concerning the Texas anti-SLAPP statute.
  • Protecting anonymous online speakers targeted by lawsuits.
  • Responding to cease-and-desist letters demanding retractions and threatening defamation and similar lawsuits.
  • Providing pre-publication review and advising for authors, journalists, filmmakers, bloggers, and digital content creators.
  • Counseling social media and mobile application providers on best practices for managing and moderating user-provided content.
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