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First Amendment and Free Speech Litigation

JT Morris Law helps individuals and organizations protect their freedom of speech and other First Amendment liberties. Our experience spans defending expressive rights in federal and state trial and appeals courts, as well as in administrative proceedings.

Protecting civic engagement and citizen speech on public issues. Much of the firm's First Amendment and free speech work focuses on challenging local governments and officials who endanger the right of citizens to participate in civic discourse, engage and question public officials, and inform their fellow citizens about important matters. This includes:

  • Helping citizens ensure their local governments and officials to comply with First Amendment and open meetings law requirements for physical and online public forums.
  • Using Section 1983 lawsuits to hold government officials accountable when they violate First Amendment rights to criticize officials, express dissenting viewpoints, petition the government, and publish information about matters of public concern. To that end, we understand how to assess and counter potential qualified immunity defenses against First Amendment claims.
  • Guiding clients on public information act and other government transparency issues.

Technology and free speech. Having technical backgrounds, our attorneys are at home litigating issues at the intersection of technology and the First Amendment, including issues over free speech and the internet.

Campus speechJT Morris Law has significant experience representing students and faculty on First Amendment, due process, and academic freedom issues. As well, we've helped students fight back against chilling effects on speech from school officials who intrude on student privacy.

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