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First Amendment and Speech Defense

Spirited Advocates for Our Clients' First Amendment Rights.

JT Morris Law represents individuals and organizations who find their First Amendment liberties at risk. The firm has significant experience helping clients defend their expressive freedoms in federal and state trial and appellate courts, as well as in administrative proceedings.  We also regularly advise clients on First Amendment issues that may affect their professional, educational, or artistic pursuits.

Representative First Amendment issues on which we represent and counsel clients include:

  • Challenging unconstitutional laws and government action that suppress political speech;
  • Helping clients assert First Amendment protection for online expression;
  • Protecting the First Amendment rights of students;
  • Challenging regulations that restrict the speech of licensed professionals and entrepreneurs;
  • Defending journalists against actions targeting their news gathering and reporting efforts; and
  • Advising on access and freedom of information issues.

In addition, because our attorneys have substantial experience with legal issues surrounding complex and emerging technologies, JT Morris Law often represents and advises clients on matters at the intersection of technology and the First Amendment. Examples include social media and free speech; software and protected expression; and First Amendment issues surrounding augmented and virtual reality.

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