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Copyright Counsel

Helping Clients Navigate the Ever-Changing World of Copyright Law

In addition to its copyright litigation practice, JT Morris Law counsels and represents creative professionals, media- and digital content-focused businesses, and a variety of other clients on copyright law matters.

We regularly help clients determine whether their activities may constitute fair use, and works with clients to assess and develop strategies for potential copyright infringement concerns. The firm also helps clients develop licensing and distribution solutions over a variety of copyright subjects, including digital content, literary works, music, and film. In addition, JT Morris Law is available to advise on copyright registration and third-party assignment matters.

JT Morris Law also leverages its comfort and experience with technology to advise clients on copyright issues in the digital environment. The firm provides counsel to clients on numerous matters arising under the DMCA, including advising providers on DMCA compliance and counseling clients on digital rights management issues. We also work with clients to develop solutions for matters involving copyright protection of software, including software licensing and issues arising from third-party software development.

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