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Copyright Litigation and Counsel

Helping Clients Navigate the Ever-Changing World of Copyright Law

JT Morris Law has helped a diverse array of clients litigate and resolve copyright infringement claims. And we have particular experience with defending against claims of online copyright infringement.  To learn more about our intellectual property litigation practice, click here.

JT Morris Law also counsels and represents creative professionals, media- and digital content-focused businesses, and a variety of other clients on copyright law matters.

Copyright matters on which we frequently advise clients include:

  • Performing pre-publication and pre-production review and fair use analysis
  • Responding to cease-and-desist letters from copyright owners
  • Helping creators develop copyright protection and enforcement strategies
  • Advising social media and other digital platform creators on copyright best practices
  • Representing clients in licensing and assignment negotiations
  • Helping clients with DMCA takedown and anti-circumvention issues
  • Advising on copyright issues related to software and mobile applications

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