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Intellectual Property Litigation

Helping clients successfully resolve IP disputes inside and outside of court.

JT Morris Law represents clients in copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and patent disputes over a wide range of industries. We have significant experience litigating IP issues concerning digital content, software, computer memory and architecture, telecommunications and mobile devices, art and literature,  and consumer goods and services.

Our attorneys have litigated and resolved IP disputes on behalf of both intellectual property owners and those accused of infringement. We understand the need to account for each client's unique goals in resolving an IP dispute. Whether meeting those goals involves pursuing an advantageous settlement, or instead taking the dispute to the courtroom, JT Morris Law works with clients to prepare effective and cost-efficient strategies.

And because of our agility as a boutique firm, we are well-situated to serve individuals, small and midsize businesses, emerging companies, and non-profits involved in IP disputes.

Our representative experience includes:

  • Representing plaintiffs and defendants in trademark, copyright, and patent lawsuits, including helping clients obtain favorable trial verdicts, summary judgment rulings, and settlements.
  • Representing defendants in copyright litigation and pre-litigation disputes involving internet and other digital media content.
  • Obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions to stop trademark infringement and false advertising.
  • Helping defendants in infringement lawsuits avoid preliminary injunctions to ensure their continued freedom to operate.
  • Resolving trademark disputes and successfully negotiating co-existence agreements.
  • Guiding clients involved in patent litigation through the claim construction and Markman hearing process.
  • Helping software and app creators, visual artists, and authors avoid court by favorably resolving disputes over the infringement of their copyrighted work.

The firm also has experience serving as local counsel for intellectual property litigation in the Western District of Texas.

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