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Technology and Individual Liberties

Providing thoughtful and assertive representation where technology meets the Constitution.

Emerging technologies are constantly testing the bounds of personal and economic liberty and the limits of government regulation. JT Morris Law blends its experience and comfort with technology, litigation, and constitutional issues to provide dedicated representation and thoughtful counsel where the law meets technology and liberty.

We also advise and represent clients in administrative proceedings where technology and constitutional issues increasingly arise, and supports clients involved in legislative and other policy-making processes concerning technology, liberty, and government regulation.

Representative matters for which JT Morris Law concentrates its technology and constitutional liberties practice include:

  • First Amendment liberties, including online speech, speech issues surrounding virtual and augmented reality, and the use of emerging technologies in news gathering;
  • Digital privacy, including search and seizure of electronic information and digital devices;
  • The rights of students online, in their digital devices, and in other digital environments;
  • Unreasonable economic regulations targeting disruptive and emerging technology businesses; and
  • Constitutional and policy issues surrounding artificial intelligence.

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